I’m a wife and mother to my two beautiful angels. I model and love to act during my free times. But most of all I love fashion! Well, who doesn’t right? I believe anyone’s personality can shine through their personal choice of style. I love shopping for random stuff and enjoy seeing what other’s put together. And frankly, my inspiration comes from all walks of life. Be it street chic, or high fashion to nature’s own sophisticated brand (so I call it). I enjoy it all. I also believe fashion is not about wearing the most expensive and name brand items, but taking what you have and styling it your own way to create your personal brand, to which people admire and get their own source of inspiration. I’m very open to suggestions and positive inputs that not only help me grow but also help my readers take few notes here and there.  Feel free to leave comments, questions or anything you might want me to know at any time.

P.S  I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone (especially my cousins in London) who in one way or the other encouraged me to do this. I honestly had doubts about my fashion choices but I’ve now come to know and accept that I do inspire people out there with the little that I know. So thank you!!! I wish you all a pleasant reading❤️


I’m super excited to start this new Journey in my life.But my most excitement comes from knowing that I’m doing this with you all, every step of the way.  It’s been long overdue I tell ya! But never too late. My advice to anyone one out there who casts doubt upon themselves is to know that no one is perfect. Know yourself and your worth, believe and trust that you good enough. Stay humble and leave the rest to the man upstairs……..


Any fashionista will tell you fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. As stated by  Coco Chanel, ” fashion fades but style is eternal”. This quote had been my motto for as long as I can remember. I remembered growing up in the ninety’s wearing wide legged pants. This trend is currently sweeping the fashion world. Every single person has their own unique way of putting things together. Be it shoes, color combination, accessories etc.

Therefore I define style as a person’s fashion signature and what appeals to them as individuals.  Likewise, fashion is trends that come and go while appealing to a larger number of people. Either way, be uniquely you because sources of inspiration come from all around you.