Velvet gang, velvet gang, velvet gang…..

Who in the world doesn’t like velvet? Velvet has continually captured the hearts of all fashionistas all over the world and I am no exception. In fact I am convinced that I can live in velvet all seasons if need be. This tactile textured fabric is super trendy and chic overall. Wearing anything velvety makes you stand out and look more expensive instantly. It is by far one of the few textures you can immediately identify when spotted.

Now, it seems the industry has long since confirmed that this is the trend every serious style and fashion enthusiast should be backing for winter. I absolutely agree. Fall 2017 has seen the revamp of velvet and it has continued into the winter of 2018. What started as a model-style runway look has plunged its way into our streets and it is winning! What could you not find in velvet? Shoes, blazers, Coats, dresses, bags and even earrings. The different styles, the vibrant colors, and its uniqueness is quite fascinating and adorable.

One particular reason why I cherish velvet aside its comfort and radiating luxe is that there is a velvet for every personality. What do I mean by that? Velvet has a tendency of radiating a person personality and mood through its range of colors, styles, and uniqueness. It is fun to style, it feels good and clean on the skin, above all it is simply VELVET.

Today, I opted for this velvet on velvet look. Bringing me back to singing,” velvet gang, velvet gang, velvet gang” (that’s just by the way). My look also features Tommy Hilfiger tote bag, a sleek blazer, and shades to make everything pop. These trendy styled jumpsuit and booties are perfect for the season and also brings out the playful and daring side of me at the same time. I had fun shooting it and I hope you style yourself in this fine luxe fabric this season.

Blazer: Ashro, Belt: Thrifted, Tommy Hil Tote BagVelvet Boots :Jumpsuit: Here

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