NYE SLAYAGE INSPO – It’s Our Anniversary

It’s Our Anniversary!

Before I get into today’s post, I’ll like to wish my love a Happy Anniversary! Today marks 9 years since my boo and I got hitched guys. We started on this journey 9 years ago vowing to love and cherish one another through the toughest moments as well as the good ones. And I must confess it hasn’t been all bliss and popping hearts like in the movies but we have managed to conquer it all. Working hand in hand with each other, respecting each other and supporting and trusting that your partner will be there no matter the circumstances has brought us this far. And of course God being in the center if it all.

Marriage isn’t easy but it’s definitely not as complicated as people make it to be. Well that is if you want it to be. There’s definitely going to be head butts and not seeing eye to eye . Disagreements are bound to happen, fights are a “norm” in any relationship especially with two different personalities and from two different backgrounds. For me I know that no matter our differences he’s got my back and vice versa, no matter how hard today is/was, tomorrow will not be the same with out him. He’s been my best friend and life partner since we took our vows and so sharing my everything, my thoughts, my day-to-day adventures , the not so good days have always been with him. He’s my support system, the one who sees no fault and always allows me to be me and is always, always ready to support me no matter what. The better part of my story begun with him. And the best part will definitely end with him. What more can a wife ask for? God has blessed us with two adorable kids and he continues to build and work on us. Our story is yet to be told and when that time comes there’ll be plenty more to tell and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Happy anniversary babe. Love you now and always!

Okay loves, it countdown to the New Years! This year has been one of the most eventful and at the same time most calming I’ve had in years. I’ve rediscovered so many things that I’ve lost along the way. Self-reflecting, balancing my life and giving my all to a cause. I’ve grown a great deal in creating my contents, making decisions and sticking by them. I’ve been so honored to do some amazing things this year. And even though there were ups and downs, I’ve managed to hold steadfast and remain true to me, which is very important. So today I’m focusing my post on my creativeness and bringing to you four different looks that could inspire your New Years Eve “slayage”

Outfit/:Tassel skirt//Gap Women: Shoes//LVs: Top//Forever21

Tassels and Shimmer: Outfit one is all about fun. Tassels are in and so is the ever dazzling sparkle. Looking for a great way to impress your date? You won’t be disappointed in this fun-filled outfit. We all love a bit a drama in our lives. Don’t we? Holiday shimmer are a must and pairing it with tassels now that is the look you wanna have.

Outfit: Dress// Charlotte Russe// Faux Fur coat// Ross

Rose Gold Velvet: One of my favorite colors of all time is Rose Gold. Finding rose gold velvet dress got to be the  discovery of the season. The color looks so good I had to find a coat that matches 😃. And there you have it! I mentioned in an earlier post that  Velvet was making a come back.  It is easy on the eye and you’ll look elegant and classy in it for the NYE celebration.


Ruffles: White-on-White for NYE is a classic act. You cannot go wrong with an all white ensemble ready to steal the show. I chose to accessorize less on all my looks but you can doll it up with whatever accessories depending you your individual tastes. Ruffles are statement pieces on their own that requires less drama. Loving this white ruffle dress. Just the right amount of style and sassiness to usher in the new year.

Outfit// jumpsuit:Ross//Belt:Rainbow//purse:mother in law

Jumpsuit: I say when in doubt wear a Jumpsuit. The top part of this jumpsuit has the right amount of sparkles to brighten the season. It is stylish yet very comfy. I added the embellished belt for a pop of gold.

Now it’s time for me to go have some fun with my man. Happy New Years to you all! See you in the New Year.

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