Hello everyone and welcome to another fabulous week. Happy “GIVE BACK” Tuesday!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving? My Thanksgiving weekend was so damn busy and so I couldn’t get a chance to put out anything on the blog for a Thanksgiving outfit inspo. I’m a little disappointed at that but, I’m glad the running around is finally over and I can finally take a moment and reorganize myself and my closet for the holiday fashion extravaganza with great zeal and enthusiasm. Let’s hope nothing else gets in the way.

My look for today is a start of my Holiday look-book shenanigans. I’ve said numerous times that I’m not a fan of the cold, but it can’t be helped if my favorite holiday is in the winter and so all I can do is to embrace it. Also, my look-book can’t be complete without a vintage-inspired look.

I’m therefore starting my holiday look-book with this vintage-inspired style purposefully thought off and geared towards my favorite time of year . I love anything vintage! In the world of many fashion choices I’m particularly fond of the classic vintage looks, and although  I love a vast range of fashion styles, it turns out ” I’m just vintage at heart”.

I picked this soft satin pink blouse from my favorite Goodwill store. Where else can you find such a vintage top? Love the color, the fit and having the turtleneck is definitely a plus.

I styled the pink blouse with this wide-leg vintage-inspired jumpsuit from fashion-nova. This jumpsuit is modern yet feels so vintage. It is fitted to hug your curves and it is very comfortable to wear. Moving in it was quite lovely and I love the fact that I can make use of it on multiple occasions.

Throw on a faux fur shawl for a glamorous, old-fashioned Hollywood look.

Thanks for stopping by today. See you next time right here. xoxo 💋


 ➖Blouse //Goodwill


➖Shoulder Bag // INC-Macys

➖Shoes//Steve Madden-Burlington


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