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The unfailingly elegant style is hard to come by in today’s vast world of endless options. However,  when you find the right outfit, elegance is nothing more than taking chances.

And so for Sunday’s look, I decided to layer it up and take it up a notch for the culture. I have come to love layering. Three to four years ago, I didn’t even think layering had a name, much less a thing in the fashion industry. Boy, have I learned a lot in these short years.

So many people are afraid of layering for fear that they may look bigger than they actually are. You don’t have to be anymore. Layering is timeless in my opinion. And when done right the result is classic. A perfectly layered clothes actually will complement your looks and elevate your elegant style.  Some fashion stables suitable for layering in the fall/winter season includes trench coats, kimonos, or motto jackets as far as coats are concerned.

What is there not to love about this look? This elegant look is just adorable! I’m particularly fond of this wool nude coat and the slacks. It’s yet another fabulous staple added to my collections for my seasonal styling, yayyyy. I’m so in love with trenches. I probably own literally every color on the planet….lol. Anyways, I love this whole look, especially the detailing in the pants. Very unique and one that can only be found through thrifty. Wonder why I love thrifting???

So what are you waiting for? Create that fashion statement,  and layer it up. Play with different looks and have fun while doing it. Until next time.

Happy Layering!



INC Long Vest: Similar

Wool Coat: Similar

XDERishow Striped Pants: Thrifty

Wrapped Top: Burlington


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