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Good Afternoon my fabulous friends. It’s another great day and I’m feeling blessed and a little extra. Who wouldn’t? Strutting the streets and turning heads in this blonde. You know the saying “blondes have more fun”, well, that might be actually true y’all. Here I am doing a photo shoot like any other day. But this time the stare was extra. At one point I was like why are people staring so hard, forgetting that my look had changed. The internet may have caught on but the outside world is still getting used to the black girl magic hun.


At this point though, nothing really matters. As long as I’m content, you, unfortunately, don’t have a say. I’m feeling fabulous, I love my temporary new look. And it’s here to stay.


Who knew this chica can rock a blonde hair so perfect? I must confess, this was such an impulse buy, but definitely not an impulsive decision. Why? I’ve always wondered what it’ll be like to go blonde. The look on people’s face when they see a dark skin girl sporting a blonde hair still gets me perplexed. What and why they think darker skin girls cannot pull off certain looks is beyond my understanding. The decision to go blonde and for that matter any color I choose to wear has always been personal to me.  I’ve always been inquisitive when it comes to hair color, especially blonde. As far as hair color goes, I’ve always tried to stay neutral and don’t experiment much. I tend to stick with what I know and what I think looks good on me. If anything at all, maybe a mixed combination of two colors.

Not because of others opinions or criticism but mostly because that was my comfort zone. Well not anymore! After a successful try of a blonde wig, I am fully on board the hair color train and I applaud anyone that is bold enough to join me.   Why can’t darker skin girls rock blonde if they’re comfortable in it? Why, must we judge people on anything when we all not perfect?
Thankfully, these things are being talked about more and more. With youtube and other social platform awareness, we’re gradually breaking the stigma around a lot of things and embracing our own uniqueness and creative process.

And so Today, I chose to try something new, something different and daring. It doesn’t change my heart but definitely spiced up my energy.



The cold has finally kicked it. There’s no running away or is there? Well, unless you’re on a vacation  or something of that sort.

Shot this look last Friday but couldn’t do anything with it till now. Sorry, it took a while but it’s here now.

Wearing a black on black which is a favorite for lots of people when the weather becomes so dull and gloomy. We all love black but sometimes it can get a bit boring. But I’m telling you,  it doesn’t have to be. Today, I chose to keep the colors soft and subtle by pairing the look with this awesome blush trench coat. Trench coats are bae and give an elegant and expensive vibe without actually spending a fortune. A perfect feel for the season. Th blush coat and blush shoes to match gave it a pop of the right color without overdoing it. It’s elegant, classic and warm and on top of that I received lots of compliments.

Can we talk about these pants? What a unique way to add flavor and fun to the typical black pant. The cut out lace-up detail is so fun and so stylish. Cold weather. Who? You should never make an outfit boring because of the cold. And this lace-up pant is perfect for the season with a little help from my favorite trench coat.



Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful week . 💋💋💋


BLush Trench Coat// John Weitz Vintage Coat // Poshmark

Laced-up pant// similar  // similar

Lace top // Material Girl //Macy’s


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