How To Look Stylishy Fab In An All Denim Ensemble

Oh hey, it NOVEMBER!

Happy new month everyone. Can’t believe we have only 2 more months until this year is over. I had so many things I had wanted to do at the start of the year. Although I have yet to achieve everything I had planned, I must say I’m very proud of where I am now. As they say,  Life is not about how you started but about the journey and the end result.

How about you? Are your plans coming along? Continue to stay true to yourself, work hard and be persistent and everything else will fall into place.



Every fashionista needs a good denim look that is well showcased in their look-book. So this week I decided to do denim-on-denim ensemble. Yes, denim season is here! I don’t think I’ve done any denim on denim look till date. Don’t know why. I probably just never got to it, but all the same we here. This is a classic look and we practically wear denim all year round, anyways. My take/goal for this look was to create a fun look fit for the season by creating a more contemporary and edgier look.  Being different is a good thing, guys. Showcasing your uniqueness through your fashion sets you apart from the “Brady Bunch”. And so my inspirational quote for the week is this;

“Never Trade Your Authenticity for approval”

Denim on denim is one of the coolest trends that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And although we’ve seen it styled differently by different people, we never get sick of it, that is if styled right. So how do you style denim-on-denim?



In order to look stylish and denim fabulous, you must find balance. Now, what is that balance? Balance can range from color pairing to layering, to the overall coordination of top and bottom denim. Personally, balance comes from knowing What to style.

When choosing how to style that perfect denim-on-denim look, the first step is deciding what look you’re going for. Whether you want the chic-vibe look, the farmer-esque vibe, the contemporary look, the fitted look or the oversized look. In so doing, it’s a little easier to choose and style that perfect look. I know every girl has their favorite pair of jeans they always love to wear, but that favorite pair cannot style all looks. For example, wearing a boot cut jeans will definitely give off a different look and vibe than wearing a boyfriend Jeans.

Just so you know, denim on denim is not strictly centered on an all-denim ensemble. Having two or more pairs of denim can be classified as a “denim-on-denim”. And in some cases, you can be flexible with your choices by incorporating other forms of prints and patterns to the look.


Here are some few tricks to keep in mind when styling denim on denim;

1. Go big or go home – don’t be scared to style an all denim outfit. I call it the denim classic. It never fails. Be bold with your choices, and if they don’t like it, they not your kind of people. Duh 🙄

2. Mix-up – Breaking up your all-over denim ensemble with classic staples such as whites, blues or prints is a great way to play the personalized game. Like all classics, you want that look to make a statement and one that will be remembered for the longest time.

3. Pairing – How about pairing a lighter wash top with a darker bottom or vice versa. Mix white denim with the blues, the blues with the blacks etc.  No color combo is out of reach. A neutral canvas completely up to you to create your perfect picture. No color or style is out of the norm these days. Just do you with a little bit of creativeness and inspiration. Try pairing your denim with bold colored accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry to elevate that look.

4. Glam it up – Look for denim pieces with exciting and fun details, like fur accents, embellishments, cuts, or patches like the one I have on. Nothing entice people more than seeing someone have fun. It also shows confidence and showcases your creative brand, so glam that denim up and have fun with it.

5. Layers – We’ve come a long way in terms of embracing style uniqueness in fashion. You don’t have to stick with the conventional top and bottom. Instead, layer it up. Layering is one style trend I adore. Layering makes any outfit look cooler and fancier than it actually is. Besides, it’s the perfect time to layer anyways. Gearing up for the cold by layering is a fun way to Jazz up your style in a boring season. Some examples of layering will be denim skirt over denim pants, pairing a denim dress over denim pants (like I did) and simply wearing a winter coat over the denim on denim look are great ways to layer.







Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s post. Wishing everyone a fruitful and successful month!


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