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Good Morning Fabs!

How’s everyone doing today? What are your plans for today? No plans for me this weekend. Still recuperating from the adventures of last week. No sailing, no parties, no nothing. Decided to stay put in the comfort of my home and binge watch movies and probably catch up with some school work.


Last weekend was very fun and kinda interesting at the same time. As I said in my last post, I did a boat shoot that I’ve been wanting to do since I began modeling years ago. Even though I don’t model as much anymore, I finally fulfilled my longtime dream and experience. One that I’ll probably do again. So today, I’m coming through quickly with the photos from last weekend as I had promised.

Wore this bright purple slit shorts with a matching top for the boat. Summer might be over, but the weather called for a bright-colored outfit.  I added the kimono to give it a more luxurious look and just in case it started to get chilly in the middle of the ocean. Ya never know, especially being that it’s fall the weather can easily switch up on you. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with the cold. It turned out to be a warm day and the water was quite steady, perfect for a photo shoot but not good enough to draw the sails on the boat.  Hubby being the sailor he is (Thanks to the Navy). wanted to enjoy sailing one more time before the boat was out of the water for the season. There was absolutely no wind for the boat to sail and so we had to power through in order for the sailboat to move around. That actually worked to my advantage because the ocean was calm, the boat was calm, just the periodic waves from powerboats that were sent our way. Other than that, it was just a perfect day for what I wanted to do.

A very fun experience that I’ll remember for a long time. At first, I was very scared. I mean who wouldn’t, especially it being my first shoot on a 27″ boat in the middle of the ocean. Not just that but also the fact that I’m not the best swimmer out there. What if I fell in the water? I’m I gonna die? All these questions kept popping in my head. Nonetheless, I was determined to do it and after a couple of frames and the fact that we moved far away from rockiness, I become more comfortable and went for it. And I’m glad I did!

Being spontaneous is totally me. I like to take risks especially when it’s something I’m super passionate about. And I’ve always wanted to do something so daringly bold anyways, and also wanting to overcome my fear was a huge determining factor.  Would I do it again? Absolutely! The only thing I probably would have done differently was not to have that glass of red wine before jumping up to do a shoot.

Seasickness is real y’all! I’ve always thought people over exaggerate when they say they’re seasick until it happened to me. Fell sick to my stomach and that feeling of having a bad hangover was what I felt and it was very unpleasant. Luckily, I was done with the session before it all went down. And the rest of the time was used to relax and enjoy my quiet time on the water. No regrets at all. Pictures came out nice and I’d accomplished something I’ve always wanted to do. Another thing off my checklist.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😘😘😘😘

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