Happy Saturday Fashion Fabs! Time to unwind and find some peace, right? Well, unless you have a  weekend job to attend to. Then I’ll say, more grease to your elbow!

Alright, so I’ve always wondered why it’s always so exciting to wake up every Saturday morning feeling energized, happy and feeling like I can take on whatever life throws at me. What is it about Saturday for that matter the weekend that we love so much and always look forward to? Seriously, why? Is it our mindset? Does Psychology play any part of our emotional reactions to the weekend? Does anyone know?

Anyways, share your thoughts on the issue in the comment section and let me know what makes weekends exciting for you.


As of right now, I am somewhere on the south water of Annapolis sipping on a glass of Zmora red wine and writing today’s post. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo insert. Never have I ever written anything while sailing on the water. It’s peaceful, it’s serene and literally, nothing is here to distract me. Errrm………I take that back! Nothing except these powerboats going as fast as they possibly can and constantly producing big waves that hit my sailboat and causes it to rock back and forth. You should see my face when this happens.


I also took this opportunity to do my first onboard a boat photo shoot. I’ll post all the pictures next time on the blog. Okay, back to why I love my weekends. Weekends are a great escape from all the stressful situations we experience from Monday through Friday. Regardless of whether you have the regular 9-5 job, or you’re a homemaker.  Getting away from the mayhem that occurs during the week is super imperative for our mental well-being.  For me not waking up super early to get the kids ready for school is big. That means I’m catching up on sleep that is needed for the mind and body. The first thing you need in recuperating and living the healthy lifestyle,  that way you can take on another challenging and tedious week that lies ahead.

Another reason why I love weekends is being able to spend time with family and that includes my extended family. As a Ghanaian, my community throws lots of parties or activities of which 80% I’m in attendance. I love my people, the music, and the food but most of all I like the company. Sometimes, getting together to socialize is a cool way to unwind. Hanging around the people you enjoy the most is paramount to your well-being, and also a fantastic way to do something fun with the kids without the hassle.

Once in a while, I model for a gig/fashion brand here in the DMV. I used to do that often back in the day but everything slows down once you have the first and then the second kid. But that’s quite ok. Now I get to play house with my kids lol.  Plus I get a front row seat watching my hubby try to stay sane while struggling to do the babysitting job with the kids. LMAO!

So those are few reasons why I look forward to my weekends as soon as Monday draws its crooked head. What are yours? Comment below and let’s get talking.

When you get summer weather in fall ( especially when the weather had been so cold) you seize that chance and have some fun with styling. My outfit for today’s post is something fun and playful to emulate the weather. I call it fall-chic. It’s cute, it’s cheerful and best of all it’s two in one. The fact that I can still wear my summer dresses just by twigging it up a little brings every fashionista great joy. I decided to pair this mint-colored dress with my gold sequin collared blouse together to create this fall look. Who knew mint and gold could work so great together! And on top of that, we have the best weather one could ask for. There’s still plenty of time to wear that summer dress you couldn’t get to over summer, or simply restyling a look if need be. Whatever it may, do it while the Sun shines.

Metallics are huge this season. What don’t I love about metallics? You almost always can never go wrong ( unless you go overboard with it ). They make every look so glamorous and you find yourself looking like a million bucks if done right. To complement the look,  I added metallic gold pumps and Jacket,  which made everything so put together and effortless. I also love the fact that they look so good on my darker complexion. And gold is a winner anyways. duh!


Ok, that does it for me today! Sun is setting, I got seasick, and I’m missing the kids. Logging off now and I you enjoy the post. Have a lovely weekend my fabs.


Xoxo 💋💋💋



Blouse with Gold sequin collar / Forever 21

Mint Dress / XOXO

Gold Metallic Jacket / New Look

Gold Pump /LFL

Whisker handmade Clutch/ Eldena’s collection

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