First off I’ll like to say I’m  so grateful to you all for giving me so much love and support during this past year since I started to blog. It has been an amazing journey and I can honestly say I’ve had the most amazing year thus far and it’s been such a pleasure blogging and tapping into all the fanatics of fashion. I have nothing more to say than how much I appreciate you all.


It’s another milestone and yet another great day. On this day a queen was born and I wouldn’t change that for anything. God has been so faithful through it all and I’ve had an amazing year, done amazing things and I thank God for so many fabulous people along the way. Thanks to all my subscribers.


In honor of today, I’ll like to share 20 Fun facts about me that you may or may not know. Nothing too serious. I’m sure most of you are wanting to know a little more about me and so I thought this will be a good start. Here we go;

1. I’m was born and raised in Ghana (but you knew that already, didn’t you?)
2. I have 4 siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters)
3. I am the youngest of my siblings
4. I moved to the states at 19
5. I love to sing and dance (I did that very often at my younger years)
6. Been married for 9 years
7. Atlanta Georgia is home away from home
8. I like to enjoy my coffee even if it was scorching hot.
9. My favorite color is supposedly yellow, but the truth is — I love colors.
10. I hate Chipotle (sorry Chipotle lovers).


11. I love Ribs, and I love corn (weird? don’t think so)
12. I’m a good listener
13. I can count how many friends I have. Not a bad thing! I know who is loyal and I stay true to them.
14. My kids are my life
15. I may have one more kid. I’ve always wanted 3
16. I suck at putting lids on literally anything and everything
17. I teach Sunday school
18. I don’t like talking so much on the phone, don’t leave a voicemail either. Just text already!
19. I’m a home buddy
20. I love Korean dramas, you’ll always find me watching it during my free time


Okay, so those are 20 fun facts about me. Hope you enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll be having  best birthday ever this year.



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