Fall, D.C Fashion Week & More


Hey guys and welcome to another day with me. It’s first day of fall today and there’s so much going on around the DC metropolitan area. I’m filled with so much excitement as my first year since I started blogging is finally here , and on top of that I have my birthday quickly approaching. No time to waste here guys, so much going on in such little period of time but I’ll try my best to maneuver my way through while letting y’all in on every bit of the fun.

So last night was the opening ceremony for D.C fashion week. This event was held in the heart of Washington D.C at “Dirty Martini “, a contemporary bar right off Connecticut Avenue. There were fashion designers from all around town and some up and coming ones from some of the prestigious schools in the vicinity. I’ve witnessed and modeled some of the best works right here in the DMV, and so I knew I was in for a fun ride. And I must say, what a great start!


The opening did not disappointed by any stretch. People turned out in their numbers and the show went on as planned. The event was opened to the public and as long as you’re registered to obtain a free ticket, you can attend. The only critique I’d give was the overcrowding of the place. Because the invitation was extended to the public, it was very hard to see the show or even take few pictures without bumping heads with other people. My advice to self — get there on time next year. But other than that, it was all good.


The New York fashion week, as well as the London fashion week were nothing short of spectacular. And although they’re well-known events that work with the higher-ups, I really do believe Washington D.C can much up to a certain degree. The diversity of fashion, the amount of great talent and ability to be creative (pure artistry ) is what I’m going to be looking out for this Saturday and Sunday. What I love about D.C fashion week is that it gives young aspiring and talented individuals an opportunity to partake in an event as grand as this. Be sure that the designers and models will definitely bring the house down.


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