The look and feel of velvet just gives an outfit a little something extra, don’t you think?

The start of fall means we’re heading close to the holiday seasons and we all know Velvet typical is a chose of fashion during festivities. Allow me to stay fallen for Velvet even before all the celebration.

2016 was the year of Velvet and Suede if you can’t quite remember. The streets and social media were covered with everything Velvet. Jumpsuit, two-pieces , coats etc , you name it. I think the last time I went Velvet was probably my Valentine’s Day post. Yeah! It wasn’t intentional though, it just never happened. I mean with all the trends and looks that spring and summer had to offer, one could hardly think of anything else.  I never really gave it a thought, well, until now at least. Maybe it’s the change of weather or maybe I just had a feel for it. But it is safe to say I’m definitely not over it, a little birdie told me they’re definitely making a comeback.


Did you know?

Velvet was once considered a textile that’s almost always exclusively worn during the cooler seasons ? Not anymore, thanks to all you beautiful fashionistas who in various ways  express yourselves through fashion and great sense of styling and therefore, creating and turning the impossible into endless possibilities. With the right styling tips, this luxe-looking fabric can be altered depending on color choice and style choice, and can be worn whenever and however.

I chose to put together an all Velvet sultry look suitable for a very classy evening date. I almost didn’t post these looks because of overexposure of light.  I wanted it to feel like an evening saga but then I changed my mind and managed to  use some of the pictures by editing out the brightness to get the visibility right. And the fact that time is not always on my side.

Besides, I have a new week coming up to put together some introductory Fall looks.

By the way, have ya’ll been catching up with this year’s NYFW? Few of my favorites were  Fenty Puma by Rihanna, Prabal Gurung’s collection, Victoria Beckham, Christiano Siriano  and few others. Let’s see how all these trends translate onto the streets.




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Velvet Off-Shoulder // Charlotte Russe

Velvet Pencil Skirt// Forever21

Suede Lace-up Shoe // dds

Vintage clutch 👛 // Mercari



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