Fall is knocking guys, but the flowers are still blooming. I ain’t ready but I’m going with it.

Hello lovelies.

I’m a little late but they say better late than never so happy new month and welcome to another day with me! How are y’all  doing? (Wendy Williams voice) . I hope everyone has  finally recuperated from the 4 day weekend shenanigans. Mine was extra long and  fabulous, and though we got a little distracted by the weather, everything went as planned as it was supposed to be. Took a trip to New York this weekend and had a good time with my “peoples”.

Last year about this time, I let y’all in on what I do every Labor Day weekend if I remember correctly. But in case you didn’t catch on, here we go again.

Every year,  the Ewe tribe of North America get together to celebrate our culture, the people and each other over Labor Day weekend, This year’s event was hosted in Westchester, New York . This gathering saw all Ewes from all walks of life together under one roof Including Ghana, Togo, Benin and parts of Nigeria who get together for a common goal. That is to participate in a fundraising event and contribute to the development of the ewe-lands. And this year’s event was no different. My people turned out in their numbers and did what was needed. So proud of you all!

These fundraising projects includes building of schools, providing school supplies, building of health centers, water and electrical projects and just an overall support to the people back home. As I stated last year, this social gathering is never complete without the display of a very unique, sophisticated and rich culture of our Motherland. And one can’t help but dance to the rhythm of the beat, dress in glamorous and colorful outfits  and eat all the delicacies. In the mix of all people, we socialized and get to meet old friends, new friends and everyone in between. Such a fun-filled event it was. And I can assure you it’s totally worth the travel and I’m so looking forward to Canada same time next year. Super excited for this one because it’s going my very first time in Canada and I can’t wait to blog all about it.

P.s This was the reason I couldn’t post last Friday as promised in case you were wondering.

Today was first day of school and oh boy, was the little girl excited! She’s currently in second grade and her French is coming right alone. Back to school means end of Summer and if you in the states you’d know the weather has certainly given a glimpse of the cold over the past few days.  And I’ve stated time and time again that I’m not a fan of the cold much less the rain. Typically, the weather usually don’t start getting cold till late September.  But Oh well, you never know, life is unpredictable anyways.

Don’t this dress remind you of fall? That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. A good reminder that the fall season is almost here and soon the grounds will be covered with beautiful and colorful  leaves that have fallen off the tress. Fall season is a season for some good television shows as well as some bad allergies I must admit. But through it all Fashion still reigns. No amount of bad weather can change that in my opinion. I’m looking forward to that at least.

Dresses are still trending by the way. Fall is a great time to experiment with all sorts of dresses, really. Whether you go long or short, flared or fitted, colored or nude is totally up to you.  And so I thought to start on a great dress that can be worn both Spring or Fall seasons. Caught in between two seasons, I thought this dress would be a great transitional dress that can work pretty well for wedding guest or any formal occasion . I chose this dress because of the print and how perfectly it fits the weather. It screams vibrant and exuberant personality as well as confidence. And  I love how different it is.

Can you feel the energy ? (Smiling). So don’t put the dresses away just yet. So many things to do to switch them up for fall. Looking forward to a great season with you all.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. 💋💋💋

What I’m Wearing

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Mint Clutch  || HBG

Jewelry || Sophia & Kate

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