BOLD IN COLOR- Yellow X Denim

Yellow, it’s me Monday!


Hi there Fabs and welcome to another gorgeous Monday.

Gorgeous and beautiful weather, and yes I’ve got the look to prove it. Thinking of donning some bright and colorful colors for the rest of the summer. What do you say? When I think of summer, I see the liberty to express oneself. A complete canvas to do whatever I like and style whatever way I see necessary. I’ve always said I am the queen of colors, and seriously, that ain’t no joke. I love  colors and as much as I try to stay away, I somehow find myself always peeking through some store front and staring at that beautifully displayed colored outfit .

Expressing myself through my  fashion is my way of saying how I’m feeling, or a give a vibe without saying a word. I believe that goes for everyone. I’ve  always believed in keeping things in a positive light. If I wake up feeling great and full of energy, which is like 95% of my life, then you’re definitely going to see me choose colors such as orange, red, yellow or just mixture of super bright colors. That is not to say I wear black or grey in gloomy days only.  But naturally, my instinctive super-hyped self gets lured to brighter colors.


But it also can get a little frustrating when you’re having issues deciding what to wear for the day or an event. I might look pretty put together all the time, but I assure you it isn’t always so. There are days when I’m in complete chaos over what to wear. Sometimes, my closet tends to lean in one direction and I find myself  always looking for something different to wear.  Have you asked yourself why you have so many clothes yet you have absolutely nothing to wear?

We all find ourselves in this situation no matter how many clothes we have. So sad, but true. But the one thing I try to do to bring diversity within my looks is to have my entire closet sorted out and well organized.  Sorting by color, by pattern, by type and all varieties makes it far more interesting in my closet. Aside keeping everything organized and clean( I try to be), it also makes picking clothes much much easier.


Say, I get an inspiration from a runway show, or a magazine , or social media, I want to be able to recreate and turn that inspiration to fit my style. Something to call my own, which when passed on, can be an inspiration to another person. And so through organization, I know exactly what I want, what colors to combine and for what occasion I may be contemplating on. Works perfect sometimes on first try, but as y’all know, some things look way different when put on. So you search , and mix and match until you find what works for you.

Today’s look features this vibrant yellow skater skirt from H&M and the yellow shoes are Shoe Republic LA from Charlotte Russe to match. The denim blazer is JouJou from Macys and my whisker bag is from goodwill (I love finding vintage).




I enjoy my bright colors and  I hope you do too. That’s it for me today!  Keep your colors bright and your life much brighter.

Thanks for stopping by and see you on Friday!


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