It’s  another Friday and I know many of us are a fan of Friday because we get to relax and just enjoy ourselves. What are your plans for the weekend? As Summer near its end, take this last days to enjoy the weather as much as you can. Have fun, spend time with family or just relax while reading a good book. How about a walk on the beach? Whatever  it may be , I wish you all the best.

Coming to you today with this multicolored (color blocking ) culotte pants.  Such a gem to find guys. As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to style it at first but, we sometimes buy on impulse anyways and then figure it out much later. So why not?  As a matter of fact, I didn’t plan to style it this week but it kept poking at me every time I walk into my closet and so I figured why not. Aside its beautiful colors, this pair of pants was a steal!  And heaven knows every fashionista loves a good deal. And the fact that the colors are just so beautiful, it’s only right to get it out before summer runs out.

I wanted a fun, girly, tropical kind of look. Like a girl on vacation without actually going on one. Makes me think of a party on beach or a tropical island. And these pants do just that! The pants are so soft and the fabric flows with the wind and moves with the rhythm of your body. It hugs and fits like a glove and I’m happy I got them against the advice of my niece……..haha.   I chose to pair it with a crop top same color as the bottom of the pants. But mind you, this can work with whatever color you choose. Styles such as ruffles, drop shoulder, balloon sleeves and any statement piece can also work for sure.

But what brought the cohesiveness and gave it the feel of a tropical look was my earring and the floral bag. I hardly talk about earrings and accessories in general (I’ll be doing that soon) but sometimes, all of these work together to present a total look. They say, “less is more “, but I beg to differ. Sometimes you have to go big or go home. Sometimes jewelry and accessories finish a look. I’m not a big accessories fanatic, but I can recognize when a look is unfinished. And so be ready to give it all that “fabness”  and luxury when needed.

Another tropical accessory is the clutch. This clutch can double up as a shoulder bag with its chain straps. The floral print is what was needed to complete the look and I’m happy I added it. Finished the look with a gold waist belt and sandals.


P.s The jacket really wasn’t needed. I added it for the sake of pictures and also for those who may need a little cover up.


Pants: dds Discount

Purse: FootLocker

Shoes: Shoe Republic LA

Crop Top: Forever 21

Belt: Charlotte Russe

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend.


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