Red Fever

Hi Fabs!


Good Afternoon and happy new week !

I had such a fun-filled weekend and I hope y’all did too. Let me tell you a little about my awesome Saturday.

Saturday Morning – First was a photo shoot session for my boo who is in her third trimester and will be welcoming her first princess soon( Congrats again boo, pregnancy looks great on you!). She wanted a pre-pregnancy shoot for a while now and we finally had time on both sides to do it this past Saturday. The shoot was just amazing ! She looked absolutely stunning , courtesy of ya girl (y’all know I never disappoint) and the help of the greatest photographer, ever (aka Husby).

The whole session took about an hr, which included setting up, outfit change etc. She’s a trooper though. At 38 weeks she endured and didn’t even want a break. And by the end we got some of the best shots and I’m so delighted to be a part of this whole journey. Can’t wait to the first baby photos.


Saturday Afternoon – Right after the shoot , I had to head back home for a makeup session. My niece had stopped over the weekend for a face beat for this event we had coming up later on in the evening. A day prior, I have had her hair done for this same event. Now we just needed to do her makeover and then mine.

Saturday Evening –  we eventually left out for the main event at about 5:00pm (event starts at 7:00 pm),  in order for me to get the rest of the crew ready. That’s including makeup, two outfit changes, touch ups, dancing and just an overall event coordinator duties.

Being an African party, of course we were going to represent.

First outfit: a traditional dance outfit befitting queens.

Second outfit: A more dressy style we used for the entourage.

So much fun with friends and family and just people who you enjoy. The red dress was my initial outfit before all the changes.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thanks for stopping. Have a lovely day!


What I’m wearing

Dress : Burlington Coat

Shoes –

Clutch: Windsorstore


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