Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.



Oh hi there ūüĖźūüŹĺ, and welcome to another week of extraordinary blessings.

I am currently back home in Maryland, after a well deserved¬†break from the city life. If you’re on my Snapchat, I’m guessing you’ve caught a glimpse of all that went down (literally nothing lol) during my 10 day mini vacation. So last week, I talked about how it is important to keep a balanced life in order to experience ¬†a much fulfilling and rewarding life experiences. This is simply a continuation of what I started. And so if you haven’t read last week’s post, you might want to pause right here, go back and read part 1 and then meet me here afterwards.

Living a balanced life simply means determining what is most important to you and expending  your time and energy subsequently so.



As a Libra, my zodiac sign is all about balance and equilibrium.¬†Libra’s¬† seek equality, harmony, and balance. And I must confess I thrive ¬†ecstatically well in any environment as long as there is an equal amount of balance in all aspects of my life. Being liberated from financial burden, getting grips of your physical and mental health , and finding strength within yourself and the little things around you are few ways you can create some¬†type of balance in your life.

So let’s recap from last week’s post. I gave a list of examples of things ,some which I do myself and others, I would love to incorporate in my life’s journey. Hopefully this list would be helpful to anyone that is here reading. Okay, let’s get right into it.

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Everyone has the tendency to take themselves too seriously sometimes, especially when things aren’t going too well. We are either too stressed, too tired or simply not up ¬†for a joke or a good laugh. Some people have the fear of putting themselves out there to be ridiculed by others, while others just feel a bit insecure about themselves they’d rather “retreat into a cave”. But I feel like the benefits of letting myself loose, freeing my mind of impurities and absorbing only positive energy outweighs the thought process of people far less important. When you take yourself too seriously you tend to lose¬† yourself. Your vision and thought become cloudy and you are unable to see the humor in things. Let loose, laugh at your mistakes, do things you normally wouldn’t do and just allow yourself to feel free.

As Steve Jobs said, “Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.”


One of the best ways to have a well-balanced life and reconnect with your inner self is to reflect. I honestly do this quite often. Personally, taking  a few quiet sessions for myself , to be able to think, to look deep within myself,  and stay focused on my purpose in life helps me stay true to my believes and myself. Reflection for me is being able to feel emotions, being able to focus on what I want and need in life, and ultimately to listen to that inner voice that keeps bugging me on what to do or not do. Make time for yourself. Reflect on the good and not so good situations. Make peace and then move on.

Reassessment And Empowerment

I put these two together because I believe they should go hand in hand.

How do your empower others when your sel-affirmation boils down to a negative?  Once you have reflected on yourself and figured out a clear path , reassess your values and priorities. What Self-affirmation does is to induce your thought process and help you regain the confidence you lost at one point. Tell yourself you are good enough, speak encouraging and inspirational words into your life. For spoken words have the ability to impact and change our futures.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains – Dr. Carman Harra.

What is the point of balance if it can’t be shared? Sharing is caring. Empowering and encouraging others to gain confidence ¬†in themselves, and become stronger is a form of balance. ¬†Make time for the people you care for. Avoid toxin people whose quest is to hold ¬†you back. Love unconditionally.

Set Goals

First and foremost, know what you want. This step is a little tricky because unfortunately not everyone is convinced of ¬†what they really want in life ( I’m talking about the big picture).¬†Some find it at a very early stage and work towards it, while others explore till they find it. But no matter the situation or stage you are in, you always have something you want to achieve, whether ¬†it’s for a long or short-term.

Setting goals simply structures your life. Gives it a direction, motivates and challenges , and overall boost your confidence.

Spiritual And Physical Health

Spiritual Health¬†– for me is having a relationship with a greater power (God) through prayer, meditation and worship. Whether you’re spiritual or religious there is an undeniable ¬†affirmation of calmness and stillness knowing there is an omnipotent being that guides and protects. Stay true to your faith and practice what you believe in.

Physical Health – ¬†Physical health is critical for overall well-being. I wish I did more of these but as I stated, I’m hoping to incorporate some into¬†my routines as much as I possibly can.

Physical activity Р strength, flexibility, and endurance
Nutrition and diet – nutrient intake, fluid intake, and healthy digestion
Alcohol and drugs – abstinence from or reduced consumption of these substances
Medical self-care – addressing minor ailments or injuries and seeking emergency care as necessary
Rest and sleep – periodic rest and relaxation, along with high quality sleep.

Living a balanced life ultimately is a personalized process. One which is uniquely sautéed to your taste and choices. A balanced life is a way to enhance your personal, emotional and intellectual growth thereby enriching your life in many other ways possible.


Thanks so for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend!



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