Living A Balanced Life- Part I

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton




Hi loves!

Such a great day today in Chatsworth, Ga. The smell of clean fresh air surrounded by clear blue skies, mountains, greenery ,and pure serenity is what one needs every now and then to stay focused and to stay inspired. A peaceful and quiet place that balances your life and clears your head a little more. That’s exactly what I needed. Getting out of the hectic D.C. and just kicking it back slowly in the country side( what I call home), makes me view things in different perspective and to kinda of recharge my inner sanctum to keep me going.

So many of us are always running helter-skelter , in search for the unsearchable. Trying to find that happy place when all that needed be done is to look in your inner self and find that happy place. We take less and less time focusing on others than we do ourselves. But one thing is for sure; if you can’t tame your spirit towards happiness, there ain’t no way you can make others happy and possibly live a more fruitful and fulfilling life.

We often hear about balancing life. So what does life balance really mean? How do you achieve this balance when our schedules are so hectic with no time to breath?

Balancing your life is simply taking charge and control of your life. Doing the things that are needed to clear your mind, body and soul of impurities and finding that inner place within yourself , that which brings you peace. And in so doing, you are able to regain your purpose of life and refocus on what’s important. One has a right to one’s personal preferences, as in I’d rather have a quiet time to myself ,but to each his own. Finding what brings you the balance you so desire is totally up to you. Making a list or keeping a score of what you want to achieve and what gives you an innermost  satisfaction is all about personal preference, and setting your utmost prerogative to live a more free and healthier life is a good start. For me I find happiness in the little things. I smile, I see good in people, I adore my kids at church, I stay above the negativity, and above all I love my family. But when needed, I take time for myself.

Learning to do that puts me in the right mind to cater for those that need and are most important to me. I’ve learned through the years that I don’t do really well through stress. Not a feeling I like to feel and although there’s little you can do to not have stressful encounters, there’s so much you can do on controlling and relieving stress.

Here are few things you can do to keep that balance in your life:

1. Don’t Take life too seriously
2. Retreat and Reflect
3. Reassess and Empower
4. Set Goals in Every Area of your life
5. Spiritual and Physical Health

For next week’s post, I’ll break down and elaborate on all the points I’ve listed above. Things to do to help keep a balanced life amidst our crazy schedules.

P.S. Today’s  post features my 15-year old niece Hayley.



Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a lovely week.


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